Watch the video, understand the power

Here's a quick run through of how you can name Spaces, jump directly between them, and change virtual desktops' custom icons with CurrentKey Stats.

It also shows how you can see time spent in apps, filtered by specific virtual desktops, and how you can easily share your day's top stats - new in Version 1.5!


Persistent desktop names

With CurrentKey Stats, you can give every desktop the perfect name and unique icon to represent what your projects are and how you think about them. You’ll love getting creative with this cornucopia of options!

Customize with color

The way to make things pop in the menubar is to give color to your CurrentKey Stats icons. You can pick one color across all spaces (you seem like the bright red across the board type, right?) or customize each space with its own color (Your writing proposal project is going to be the mellow purple quill and your patent research can be the bright yellow lightbulb!)

300+ icons of varying style

You have a range of icons to meet every need. Both solid-art and line-art styles. I bet you can already imagine where the ice cream, carrot, and beer mug would match up metaphorically to your workflow. A plane for travel planning, a git-merge icon for coding, a shopping cart for holiday gift hunting, the list goes on…

Add a border to be distinct

Once you start getting creative, it may be nice to have a thread of consistency between your unique icons in each space. Adding a border line to the bottom really pulls the look together so you always know which icon is representing CurrentKey.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 6.17.31 PM.png