Desire to streamline everything


Hi! It is incredibly rewarding to me that others can use CurrentKey Stats and get value out of it, that’s why it’s free to download: so more people will enjoy it.

I love making tools that streamline my day-to-day routines. Before this app it’s been browser extensions and command line tools.

What took this project far beyond anything else I’ve made is 1.) incredible support and creative input from my fiancée, 2.) camaraderie at local Swift meetups, 3.) dozens of awesome, dedicated beta testers.

This app started as a side project that (initially) focused on showing a unique icon for each desktop space. It quickly bloomed into something that offers the efficient workers of the world a way to get real data on the way their day is structured, the things that really take the most time, and the information needed to strategize their workflows.

- Spencer