Stats Plus upgrade

While CurrentKey Stats offers a ton of app usage tracking and desktop management tools for FREE, to take the experience to the next level you can upgrade.

Stats Plus lets you view stats in a larger display with insights into your last month, past two weeks compared hour-by-hour, and gives you the ability to export your data in over 10 different reports!

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 4.31.44 AM.png

2-weeks, hour by hour

Was this Tuesday morning as productive as the last one? What were you prioritizing then vs now, and should you strategize differently around lunchtime? With a week-over-week comparison that’s hour-by-hour, you get granular stats that are relatable to your precise interest.


30 days of app stats

How does this Tuesday stack up against other Tuesdays this month? Get a broader look at things including a simple pie graph to check the overall situation, in addition to the day-by-day breakdown.


The power of exporting

Every bar chart and pie graph in the app (over 10) is accompanied by the ability to export the data as a report. That’s right, CurrentKey Stats doesn’t just let you get a backup of your data, but lets you get a backup that is useful, context specific, and comprehensible. 🙌 Also: there is the ability to export hour-by-hour app-usage data for 30 days (that’s a lot of stats)!


Stats galore!

With hour-by-hour, day-by-day bar charts, and total time pie charts, you get a comprehensive look at time spent.