CurrentKey Stats puts its users’ privacy first.

Privacy Policy

CurrentKey Stats puts its users' privacy first.

When using CurrentKey Stats (found in the Mac App Store), users' sensitive app data stays locally on their device. This includes users' usage stats, "Room" names, and icon choices. Put another way: CurrentKey Stats does NOT fetch or sync users' sensitive data to a server.

I never ask users for personal info such as their names or email addresses, and this is intentional: what you don’t collect you can’t mishandle.

App analytics data (like crash and bug reports provided by Apple) for CurrentKey Stats may be received in aggregate to improve users' experience with the app.

Users’ data will not be sold for any reason. As stated above, the app’s design is to not even sync users’ app usage data to a central repository in the first place.

If there are any questions about this policy, please contact me.